Weekly Health Note

Posted on: October 24th, 2014

Didn’t your Mama always tell you to eat your vegetables?  Mama is always right.  One of the most maligned vegetables is one a lot of little children call “little trees”.  Not only does it make a nice presentation on your plate, it is also full good nutrients.  Please read on to find out how the Broccoli floret or flower (the top of the tree) is the best for you…


BROCCOLI: TOP OR BOTTOM ?  by Must Love Foods


Former President George H.W. Bush did not like broccoli. And as a grown man (and the leader of the free world), he did not feel he should have to eat it. But I wonder, was it the floret or the stem or both?

Broccoli is a great whole food. And although it’s very nutritious, the majority of health benefits are in the florets!  Most of the anti-oxidant, anti-cancer properties are in the florets. There are numerous vitamins, detoxification properties plus lots of fiber in both parts – so don’t throw away all your stems. But at the end of the day, the flower wins!


Special Note:  The author of Eat What You Love is Dr. Nickie Martin, a member of Metropolitan AME Church and the Health Ministry.  For more great tips, check out her new book on Amazon.com