Posted on: April 10th, 2014

Restoretogether.com, a Global Website for Positive Social Change and Collaborative Eradication of Poverty, and the Historic Metropolitan AME Church of Washington, DC announce 21st Century Partnership

logoWASHINGTON, DC (April 7, 2014) – There is an all-out assault on the poor.  And that assault is global, systemic, digital, immoral, and effective. These factors and many others conjoin to make these very trying, desperate, and difficult times for the former middle class and the poor – and especially the growing numbers of urban poor of all ethnic and racial groups.  But there is now an accessible and digital on-line community in restoretogether.com that allows extensive organizing and resource collaboration toward rapid and comprehensive solutions for those in crisis or in multi-dimensional need.

On April 7, 2014 the Metropolitan AME Church launched access to restoretogether.com for its members and visitors  in an effort to propel and extend it’s historic and prophetic ministry into the 21st Century.  Rev. Dr. Ronald Braxton, Pastor of Metropolitan AME stated, “Restore Together is more than a website focused on ending poverty and oppression in all their manifestations, it is a movement that exponentially extends the ability of the church to address systemic social illness and individual crisis through effective global collaboration.”

The Restore Together platform is currently utilized by several other churches.  For example, the “Why We Can’t Wait Initiative” has used its partnership to organize over 60 churches of different denominations throughout the District of Columbia in addressing systemic injustice associated with mass incarceration.  With global access to 500,000 help organizations, virtual counseling, and extensive collaborative resources, the Restore Together platform has also facilitated coordination of a public-private partnership between Catholic Charities, Constellation Energy and itself in order to facilitate the needs of several homeless shelters in the city of Baltimore. According to Rev. Dr. Louis J. Hutchinson, III, Chairman and Founder of Restore Together, Inc., “Restoretogether.com is love in real-time action, seeking to preserve global community for all, and we are excited about the impact of this partnership to further enhance the prophetic ministry of the Metropolitan AME Church.”

About Metropolitan AME

Founded in 1838, Metropolitan was formed by two existing churches: Israel Bethel A.M.E., founded in 1821 and Union Bethel A.M.E., founded in 1838. The parent A.M.E. Church movement grew out of an anti-segregation protest in Philadelphia in 1787. Similarly, both Israel Bethel and Union Bethel began as a result of dissatisfaction among African Americans over racial segregation here in Washington at Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church. The name of the Church was officially changed to Metropolitan A.M.E. Church in 1872 at the Baltimore Conference.

About Restore Together, Inc.

Restore Together, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation located at 9701 Apollo Drive, Suite 301, Largo, Maryland 20774. The Restore Together Community (www.restoretogether.com) is a digital ministry platform that extends the ability of churches, corporations, organizations, governments, and individuals to provide collaborative resources and services to those in need, without geographic limitation.  It is dynamic, collaborative, multilingual and accessible to individuals with disabilities. Restore Together also enhances an individual or organization’s collective gifts/resources, ability to provide holistic counseling, discipleship, sharing of best practices, and ability to organize local or global community action toward positive social change.


About the Book: Restore Together: Urban Ministry in the Context of Technology and Energy in the 21st Century by Dr. Louis J. Hutchinson, III

In this book, Rev. Dr. Hutchinson demonstrates a sound sociological and scripture-based analysis, thoughtful theology, a deeply passionate love for the church and society, and a practical guidebook and project to foster a global digital ministry that calls for the collaboration of the church, corporations, organizations, governments, individuals, and the world for beneficial social change.  The Restore Together book is available on Amazon.com, both in paperback and for the Kindle device.