Weekly Health Note: Does “D” in the Diet Defer Density Disasters?

Posted on: April 26th, 2013

by Must Love Foods

Nowadays everyone is jumping on the Vitamin D bandwagon. How much do I need? Can’t I get it from the sun? What foods is it in? These are all valid questions, but many people are still confused.

So …Who needs supplements?  If you don’t get frequent noon day sun and live north of South Carolina, the sun is not intense enough. Also, foods such as eggs, soy products, fatty fish and milk should be added to your diet.

How much do I need?  Most people under age 70 need about 600 IU per day; 800 IU if over 70.  Most will need a combination of foods, sun and supplements.

Is D3 better than D2?  Research has not found much difference in efficacy between the two. They work equally well.

Should I take Vitamin D with calcium?  Bones have been found to be more dense when the two supplements are taken together. The same cannot be said with Vitamin D alone. Your calcium intake should be 1000mg for those 50 and younger. If you’re older, bump it up to 1200mg/day.