Health Note from the Metropolitan AME Church Health Ministry

Posted on: March 28th, 2013

The Metropolitan AME Church Health Ministry brings to you a weekly “Health Note”. The Health Note is a very short health tip to help advance a healthy lifestyle. This week we feature the Many Faces of Garlic. This great spice taste good and is SO good for you. Read more and learn the many benefits of garlic in this week’s Health Note.


by Dr. Nickie Martin

If you really want to enhance the flavor of your food, try adding some garlic. Just the smell in the kitchen makes you reach for a good glass of wine in anticipation of what’s to come.

But garlic has many health benefits as well. Its still February ( heart month) so let’s start there

–Garlic lowers cholesterol and can has a direct effect on blood pressure. As it breaks down, it releases a substance that relaxes the blood vessel wall. This in turn lowers the pressure

–It has been found to modulate blood sugar in diabetics

–The sulfur compounds released in garlic as it breaks down have been known to partially inhibit growth of certain cancer cells

–It gives your immune system a boost when taken in supplement form

–And after you’ve enjoyed that great dish with lots of extra garlic, you can get rid of “garlic breath” by chewing on parsley or drinking milk. To get it off your hands, rub them with lemon, salt or baking soda–then rinse!

So don’t shy away from this AWESOME spice. It can do so much for you, and taste good too. What more could you ask for?