Message from Bishop Davis of the 9th Episcopal District about the storms in Alabama

Posted on: April 28th, 2011

Devastating storms shattered records as it shattered homes and affected lives of thousands in Alabama; AME properties damaged

9th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
Arelis B. Davis, WMS Supervisor
James Levert Davis, Servant Bishop

April 28, 2011

Bishop James L. Davis and Mother Arelis Davis and the Ninth Episcopal District Family in the State of Alabama are sincerely grateful for the calls and other expressions of concern in the wake of the devastating storms that shattered records as it shattered homes and affected lives of thousands here in Alabama.

The AME Church in Alabama is already in motion refining our Plan of Action to respond to the situation resulting from the storms that raced through the South on April 27. Immediately, we will begin attending to the needs of those affected by the storms. We will make our church houses available for those rendered homeless or those without power. Initially, pews will be removed and replaced by cots as needed to provide comfort and shelter.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama was the hardest hit in the state, with Birmingham also suffering widespread property damage. Above all, we are in prayer for families who have lost loved ones, and we will care for them as only the Church can. Since the Grace Angel protected our churches, with us generally unaffected, we are gearing up in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham to be the source of comfort in this Region.

Bishop James L. Davis is meeting with pastors of local churches to develop the strategy to meet the needs of all people in the Greater Birmingham area. The clinic at Daniel Payne College was destroyed, with the district office suffering some damage. As we survey the damage, we realize that the AME Church members and property were indeed protected as our God rode on the storms.

We will be in a position within the next day or so to bless those affected by the storm and will provide information to the Church and the public. We expect to provide information regarding opportunities for all of us to be involved and make a difference.

More information will follow on how you may assist.

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